I have been suffering from lower back pain and sciatica for well over five years and have spent much of the time in physical therapy. I have tried triggerpoint injections as well as a variety of medications. Unfortunately, my pain relief had been minimal and short lived.

A friend suggested I see Dr. Field. She said that she had heard wonderful things about her work. After seeing Dr. Field for only a couple of months, my pain has been reduced dramatically.

Dr. Field's technique is gentle and her advice is simple and sound. She has me doing very common sense things which seem to be the opposite of all of the solutions I was given by other practitioners.

Her approach is to guide my body back into its natural position instead of trying to push and shape it into a posture that is forced and strained. I am very relieved not to be fighting my body any longer. Dr. Field is helping my body to heal itself and find its own way home. I would highly recommend her services to others.

- Rivka Simmons
Teacher & Counselor

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